Mr Pedro Barroso was born in Lisbon in 1950. His parents were both teachers. He does his first songwriting still very young and makes his first TV appearance in 1969 on a very popular program called Zip Zip, wich is followed by his first record. He joins the Experimental Theatre Company of Cascais, were he keeps on composing, singing and also acting for some years.

He's licenced in Ph. Education (73) with a post graduation degree in Psychotherapy. Along with his records he published some poetry and etnomusicology studies. He keeps having a regular colaboration including countless opinion articles on several papers , and also had some radio and tv programs of his own.

He is known for his strong yet sensitive style and his lyrics usually display his everlasting themes - Love, Nature, Sensuality, the Sea, the History and, above all, Solidarity. He is also a born communicator speaking six languages.

In his concerts, Mr. Barroso plays mostly the guitar and the piano but also some old portuguese chord instruments and percussions.

Pedro Barroso has been awarded several prizes and distinctions both in Portugal and abroad. He has done concerts in Portugal - virtually everywhere - and also in Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, Brasil, Hungary, Macao and United States of America.

He lives in the country, retired from the big decision centres proudly relutant to most marketing influences running a studio in his small farm where he produces his own - and often also other artist's - records.

Pedro Barroso is co-author with José Saramago who was awarded with a Nobel Literature Prize in 1998 - song  Afrodite (in LP Água mole em pedra dura, 1978).

The CD "Crónicas da Violentíssima Ternura", his most recent work of originals, was published in 2001.

"De viva voz", alive, was edited on 2002 with tracks captured in various concerts all over the country.

His second book, "das mulheres e do mundo" (Ed. Mirante), was published in 2003.

During 2005, Mr Barroso celebrated his 35th anniversary as author and poet, editing both the CDs "Navegador do Futuro" and "Antologia". "Navegador do Futuro" was elected the best year's CD by Central FM Radio. "Antologia" colects all the relevant work from 1982 to 1990.

His first fiction book, also published in 2005, is called "A história maravilhosa do país bimbo".

His newest CD Sensual Idade, published in October 2008 was considered by the Portuguese Television chanel RTP to be one of the 5 best Portuguese CDs of 2008.

With a carreer of 40 years he slowly slide away from the early exclusive folkworks to a more elaborated and intimate style with a progressivly serious consideration from everybody as a first choice author and composer.

It's very common to see him going to colleges and universities to lecture or perform in portuguese studies Centers or just in places where the producers are searching for other cultures and styles running away from the usual poprock standards and where a different kind of intimate concert is respected and appreciated.

Mr Pedro Barroso celebrated his 40 years of career in 2009 on a tour called “40 anos de Música e Palavras” througout the Country.

Since 2010 Mr Pedro Barroso is one of the few people (around 300) refered to in the book “Retratos da República”.

In 2012 he edited "Cantos da paixão e da memória" and his most recent CD, edited in 2014, CD is "Palavras ao vento".



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