Along all this years, various musicians worked with me, alive and on studio. If there were amazing concerts, they were the ones who achieved it. I would like to mention all of them, but it wouldn't be possible. Therefore, I keep them in my memory. If you allow me, I'll enumerate the ones who travelled with me all over the country (and world) and would have the most incredible stories to tell, with a special compliment.




















Abel Moura (accordion)
Ana Paula (gaita de foles, percussion)
António Chainho (portuguese guitar)
António Ferro (guitar, bass guitar)
Bruno Mira (portuguese guitar, guitar)
Carlos Augusto (guitars)
Carlos Dâmaso (guitars, flutes, mandolin, portuguese guitar, percussion, bass guitar)
David Coelho (piano, strings)
Francisco Raimundo (accordion)
João Nuno Represas (percussion)
Jorge Nascimento () (accordion, strings, piano)
J. Carlos Gonçalves () (violoncello)
José Marinho () (accordion, strings, piano)
Luis Petisca (portuguese guitar, mandola, cavaquinho, guitars, kazoo, metalofone)
Luis Sá-Pessoa (violoncello)
Manuel Mendes (portuguese guitar)
Manuel Rocha (violino)
Maria João (back vocals, strings)
Mário Laginha (piano)
Mário Relvas (violoncello)
Marta Jacinto (back vocals)
Miguel Carreira (accordion)
Nuno Barroso (piano, strings, percussion)
Paulo Borges (accordion)
Paulo Serafim (flutes, violino)
Pedro Fragoso (campaniça, piano, guitar, strings)
Rui Júnior (percussion)
Sérgio Mestre () (flute and guitar)
Susana Santos (violoncello)
Teresa Santos (back vocals)
Zé Calhau (flutes and percussion)








My best wishes to them,


Pedro Barroso




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